Dear KRS Clients,

We already witness that this emergency situation causes serious difficulties in the performance of contracts that were concluded and worded considering „regular” circumstances. Also, several special labour law issues arise that require prompt solutions. Unfortunately, already a lot misleading, inaccurate information and "legal advice" have appeared on the Internet, and while at the moment it could seem like they contain good solutions, but following such may lead to serious legal disputes later on. To avoid legal and financial risks, we recommend that you contact an attorney with any legal related issues.

In order to serve our Clients as efficiently as possible, we have created a hotline system to deal with special and urgent legal issues related to the coronavirus situation. Should you have any questions or requests, please send a message to and our specialist in the matter will contact you promptly and will assist you with any questions you may have.

Information on extraordinary suspension of court procedures
Please be advised that the extraordinary suspension of court procedures will result in the following changes:
- All court trials within one month will be postponed, i.e. court trials until about April 15th will not be held for sure. The court will notify the legal representative of the postponement and also on the new trial dates, and we will inform our clients on these immediately;
- The electronic system of the courts is still operational, so submissions are still possible and the courts will also send the documents by electronic means;
- Non-electronic documents continue to arrive by post, these postal items will be received and handled by our office on a continous basis, and the clients concerned will be informed of any incoming mail.

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Capital Services

A full-day conference on employment was organised by HR Portal and KRS Attorneys-at-Law on 24 May 2016 at the Glass Hall of MÜPA (Palace of Arts) in Budapest. The most leading experts in all areas of employment made presentations and also answered to the questions of the audience.