Act LIII of 1994 on Judicial Enforcement emphasizes the opportunity for involvement of the lien holder in the enforcement procedure, under a separate heading. The priority objective of legislation on involvement is that the interests of lien holder effectively prevail before its own enforcement procedure was initiated. The lien on pledged property would be ceased by the registration of the right of enforcement of other creditors and, as a consequence, by a possible sale, and therefore it would jeopardize the claims recovery of the lien holder. The analyis of dr. Lajos Merics was published in the legal column of Origo. The article can be read by clickig here:

The article of dr. Lajos Merics can be read in PDF format by clicking here:



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A full-day conference on employment was organised by HR Portal and KRS Attorneys-at-Law on 24 May 2016 at the Glass Hall of MÜPA (Palace of Arts) in Budapest. The most leading experts in all areas of employment made presentations and also answered to the questions of the audience.