Point a. of Subsection (1) of Section 294 of the Labour Code includes the definition of young worker. Accordingly, young worker shall mean any worker under the age of 18. In their case, having regard to their age, the law orders the application of more stringent rules. These more stringent rules appear on the establishment and termination of the employment relationship and on the provision of working time and rest period.- dr. Ádám Kéri, the head of Labour Law Department at KRS Attorneys at Law emphasized to [origo]. The article is available at the following link: http://www.origo.hu/jog/lakossagi/20160811-fiatal-munkavallalok-foglalko...

The article in PDF format can be downloaded from here:



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A full-day conference on employment was organised by HR Portal and KRS Attorneys-at-Law on 24 May 2016 at the Glass Hall of MÜPA (Palace of Arts) in Budapest. The most leading experts in all areas of employment made presentations and also answered to the questions of the audience.